Reading the Koran to understand how Muslims think

The Koran (Quran) is virtually impossible to understand if you read it just like any other book. It makes it at lot easier to take advantage of what other Westerners have come up with through hard work. American Bill Warner is a man who has made it his mission to educate anyone that might be interested in what Islam really stands for in our time. Through his foundation, he publishes a number of booklets that briefly and in plain language deal with the fundamentals of Islam: the Koran, the Hadiths, Sira and Sharia.

Bill Warner’s booklets are available from Amazon. Start by reading “A Two-Hour Koran” to get an overview of what Islam is all about.

You should also get yourself a copy of danish psychologist Nikolai Sennels’ book “Holy Wrath – Among Criminal Muslims”, a real eye-opener from the inside of Danish inpatient youth care that makes you realize what it is we’re up against in Europe and in all the non-Muslim world. Also available from Amazon.

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