Climate threat – the battle for truth

Many adults interpret Greta Thunberg’s doomsday prophecies as indisputable facts from “science”. All I hear when she rages are factoids, lies, slogans, and mantras without any kind of relevance to actual science, delivered with ice cold, calculating shrewdness. Blind faith without a shred of common sense or will to take into account any different opinion what so ever.

This will go completely out of hand if we do not shape up and move on to a mature discussion on what is true and what is not, what is likely to happen, and what we ought to (can) do in order to protect ourselves. Those who ruthlessly use the hysterically debauched youth cult as a tool to destroy the Western way of life will not step back voluntarily. The Marxists have been at this for a hundred years and they will continue until finally either we or them bites the dust.

Inform yourself broadly so that you can shape your own idea of how right or wrong the climate threat believers really are. The IPCC’s compilations are politicised pamphlets designed to influence the establishment so forget about that, and the alarmists “own” system media so you have to find other (“alternative”) sources as well in order to get a reasonably balanced and unbiased picture.

Use your search-engine wisely and you will find loads of well-founded information that totally contradicts the cocksureness of most climate-alarmist assertions.

The welfare industrial complex

One of the main obstacles to any real change in Swedish migration policy before it is finally, relentlessly, forced by the circumstances, is spelled “the welfare industrial complex”.

Many Swedes and “new arrivals” have been made dependent on the taxpayer-funded welfare industrial complex for their livelihoods, either as nursing objects or as employees. Therefore, this monster is entirely dependent on the fact that imports of needy, helpless, resource-intensive problem children from dysfunctional cultures continue and increase to create employment for a rapidly growing “Swedish” population with just as fast declining competence and declining ability to perform any productive tasks at all.

But as Hans Werthén, a heavyweight in Swedish industry, once said: “We can’t make a living on washing each other’s shirts”

Reading the Koran to understand how Muslims think

The Koran (Quran) is virtually impossible to understand if you read it just like any other book. It makes it at lot easier to take advantage of what other Westerners have come up with through hard work. American Bill Warner is a man who has made it his mission to educate anyone that might be interested in what Islam really stands for in our time. Through his foundation, he publishes a number of booklets that briefly and in plain language deal with the fundamentals of Islam: the Koran, the Hadiths, Sira and Sharia.

Bill Warner’s booklets are available from Amazon. Start by reading “A Two-Hour Koran” to get an overview of what Islam is all about.

You should also get yourself a copy of danish psychologist Nikolai Sennels’ book “Holy Wrath – Among Criminal Muslims”, a real eye-opener from the inside of Danish inpatient youth care that makes you realize what it is we’re up against in Europe and in all the non-Muslim world. Also available from Amazon.

Regarding alleged obstacles to the expulsion of Islamists from Sweden

Recently, six radical imams were released after being detained on the Swedish Security Police’s order because they are considered a real and permanent threat to Sweden’s national security. The reason why they were released is stated to be that they cannot be deported to their home countries because they could be ill-treated there and that this is supported by the UN Refugee Convention.

It is true that the UN Refugee Convention in Article 33 paragraph 1 stipulates that deportation must not be carried out “if the individual’s life or freedom is threatened” but at the same time, paragraph 2 of the same article stipulates that individuals who are considered a threat to the security of the nation or who have committed another serious crime does not have the right to state the reasons listed in paragraph 1!

Thus, it is a shameless lie to say that under no circumstances should it be possible to expel extremists despite the fact that the person “may be ill-treated” in the countries to which they are expelled.

UN Refugee Convention, Article 33:

  1. No Contracting State shall expel or return (‘refouler’) a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his life or freedom would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.
  2. The benefit of the present provision may not, however, be claimed by a refugee whom there are reasonable grounds for regarding as a danger to the security of the country in which he is, or who, having been convicted by a final judgment of a particularly serious crime, constitutes a danger to the community of that country.

It is probably this section (2) that Denmark successfully uses to expel “its” extremists from Danish territory and none other than the usual suspects have complained so far. However, the Swedish Justice Department, the Migration Agency, the judiciary, journalists and parliamentary politicians choose not to see section 2 as it contradicts the “sacred” value base of the “humanitarian great power” and thus does not fit in the image of Sweden as a humanitarian and infinitely tolerant paradise and ideal society.

Abolish Feminism!

I recently read an article in a Swedish blog critical of society that claimed that it was high time to repeal the law that says Sweden should be multicultural and put Swedish values first once again. In a comment I wrote that I thought it was a good idea but that the first thing to do was to abolish feminism as a state religion in Sweden. But unfortunately that is not enough, female voting rights, at least at younger ages, also has to go.

A couple of weeks before the Swedish parliamentary election 2018, party sympathies looked like this among women 18-29 years: Center Party: 18.3% Left Party: 17.8% Social Democrats: 15% Moderates: 14.6% Environmental Party: 13.4% Sweden Democrats: 6.8 % Liberals: 4.7% Christian Democrats: 4.5% Feministic Initiative: 3.6%.

72.8% of Swedish women 18-29 years stated then that they were going to vote in favour of the same political parties that had plunged Sweden into an uncontrollable, violent, lawless swamp because of the politicians’ totally insane passion for uncontrolled migration and the mantra “everyones’ equal value”(TM)

But if laws that targets the “climate threat” can be passed, so can laws against the significantly greater threat – feminism – an ideology that goes in contradiction to everything that evolution has encoded in our genes since the beginning of time. Nature has no overriding political motives. Only survival applies and for that reason mammals and almost all other creatures are divided into males and females that have qualities that complement each other and that make 1+1 add up to 3. But that is not good enough for feminists. They will not be satisfied until they have grown coc*s and all men have turned into mindless poofs.

Brave New Feminist World

Feminists (of both sexes) are unable to compete on equal terms with men in a variety of areas and therefore resort to dirty tricks to pull men down to their own level. But what feminists do not know (or don’t want to admit) is that men’s and women’s genetic coding differs a lot from each other. Women’s natural care and consideration are primarily aimed at her own children but also to other children and even alleged “children”, even if they grow a beard, have wrinkles, or have grey hair. The main object of empathy for men on the other hand is the group as a whole, but he still directs special attention to women, and in particular to his own woman.

Historically, men’s primary task has been to protect the group, to provide the group with food, and to lead the group to new hunting-grounds. All of these tasks require extensive planning, risk assessment and impact analysis. Woman’s tasks are also important but they do not normally require any substantial analytical thinking or any far-sightedness to speak of. Therefore, it creates severe stress in many women when they force themselves to perform typically male jobs that require male thinking and acting.

Yesterday I met a lady cemetery worker who raked leaves at Pålsjö cemetery. By chance we came to discuss these differences in male and female traits when suddenly she said: “That might explain why so many career women end up here, in this serene environment, looking after the graveyard!” You can’t say that women lack the capacity for logical thinking after that statement, can you? 🙂

A large proportion of all women are normally gifted and the proportion with lower or higher intelligence is relatively small. A slightly smaller proportion (compared to women) of men are normally gifted, but a greater proportion (compared to women) of them are also either less or more talented. The “less” manifests itself in crime statistics and the “more” in the list of Nobel laureates over the years.

The feminist experiment that we have been subject to for decades can be compared to the Cultural Revolution in China in that known facts about man and society completely are disregarded or simply denied.

Feminism – a threat to Western society

Early in the development of man children became a prerequisite for the tribe’s survival and had to be protected and trained throughout their long growing-up period in order to become useful resources for the common good. This upbringing task was quite demanding and forced a specialisation where the female’s physical and mental characteristics were adapted to take care of and protect the child during its early years while the male’s qualities were developed to fulfil the task of training and guiding especially their male offspring when the child grew a bit older.

Female empathy and concern thus is primarily focused on the woman’s own children and secondly on the children of the tribe, while for a man the primary empathy and concern goes to the group as a whole, especially to the women, and in particular to his own woman.

The above observations are important as they render the political will to reach an equality in outcome a hopeless project. If a woman follows her biological programming then it makes it impossible for her to have a super career that follows the male model because her genetical programming tells her to give priority to the children above all. She might choose to disregard this fact but then she will probably feel so mentally uncomfortable that she is forced to take to all kinds of physical and mental substitutions to compensate for her unnatural behaviour. A feminist society like the one we see in Sweden today is thus not at all optimal for the majority of women in Sweden or anywhere else in the world. On the contrary, it might very well be the explanation for increased burnout in women and teenage girls’ increased mental ill-health in the world’s most feminist country.

However, the feminist “value-foundationTM” sect in Sweden have a different explanation and will argue that inequality in outcome is due to the Western man oppressing the woman (and ethnic groups from other cultures) and to hidden (white, male) power structures in society.

Exposed to this aggressive claim, men of power tend to yield because men as a group regard women as a prioritised object of concern and empathy. But if this behaviour continues it will eventually lead to a change of the male focus of attention from focusing on the best possible outcome for the group by using planning, consequential analysis, adaption, cooperation, and capability, to a focus on individuals, nursing and “everyone’s equal valueTM“.

Swedes and assimilated immigrants experience to their great horror that none of those in power really cares or even understands that there are problems. All that is produced are platitudes and useless symbolic actions instead of taking powerful action to stop the countless rapes, shootings, and blasts, and to stop islamic terrorists from coming and going as they please, and to put an end to mass migration of people who never will be able to support themselves in the Swedish society. And not at least take measures to stop the decay in our welfare systems, in our legal system, and in the social apparatus which has been kidnapped by feministic activists.

The problem is that feminists (women of both genders) primarily have children as their primary empathic objects (their own and others’) together with everybody else that they can claim are vulnerable and cannot take care of themselves or are treated unfairly by white men (Afghan beardchildrenTM, transgender people, Muslims etc). But they definitely have no empathy for other women or for the oppressive, disgusting white “cis” male who they blame for all evil that has happened in the world at least since the late 1400s.

Unlike the male who, in order to protect women and children, targets his aggressiveness outward, against the invaders and against those within his own group that creates problems, the feminists focus their aggression inward against “white men” in their own group who have not adapted to the rules and conventions of the feminist sphere. Some women’s outrage is therefore not about the ubiquitous unsafeness in the Swedish society and the numerous rapes, which they instead try to cover up as best they can and make weird excuses for, because feminists do not have other women as objects of empathy. Instead they attack the white mans incorrect use of language and clumsy physical contact patterns, which is well illustrated by the metoo-disaster.

Another thought is that the main representatives of the feminist “value-foundationTM” ​​consistently ignore planning, risk assessment, and impact analysis. For example, the impact that mass immigration might have on the Swedish society has never been investigated in depth. Do they not want to know for fear of what the result might be? Is it because of the demands from feminist sect morality? Probably but there might also be a more plausible explanation.
The answer may be revealed by the fact that women historically has been responsible for the inner sphere that contained family-related activities and that didn’t require a very extensive planning and it didn’t have a lot of uncertain parameters. This implies that no deeper risk assessment or impact analysis was required from women.
Planning regarding the outer sphere (that was governed by men) on the other hand comprised the whole group and contained activities like hunting, defence and group movements and therefore held more parameters of which many were uncertain, and that required a higher degree of foresight and also a firmer hierarchical organisation, based on competence and ability.
On the other hand it might be that simple that the advocates of the feminist “value-foundationTM” are not interested in planning, risk analysis, or impact assessment as long as there is the slightest possibility that the result clashes with what this infamous “value-foundationTM” dictates.

The people who lived in Europe during the ice age survived thanks to their adaptability and their ability to cooperate and make plans, and this is probably the explanation for that the advanced Western culture originated in Europe shortly after the ice age. Perhaps it is also the desire to cooperate and the lack of jealous guarding of territory that is the explanation for why the northern man does not react when the global power elite wants to steal his habitat through mass immigration of people with completely different survival strategies.

The high crime rate that comes with the immigration from MENA and Subsahara could possibly be better explained as genetically conditioned than as culturally conditioned. Namely, aggression as a survival parameter works better in dysfunctional, populous states and cities in warm areas where people tend to have low confidence in society and with each other, than on the ancient sparsely populated steppe in central Europe.

Political Correctness In Sweden

Politically correct Swedes seriously believe that those who do not share their views to one hundred percent have been indoctrinated and manipulated when in fact it is the politically correct ones who have fallen into that trap!

The decay of the education system with increasingly poor educators and teachers, through politicised syllabuses and prepared study material has made it very difficult for the students to get a true picture of Sweden and the Swedes of today and in the past unless the individual student is actively seeking fact-based information.

The politically correct have also got the strange idea that just because something has its origin outside Sweden we must not call it a Swedish tradition. And if a tradition is relatively new, there is no tradition at all!

They also defend the criminal acts of other cultures in the present (Muslim slavery activities, for example) with the fact that we in the Nordic countries did the same thing 2000 years ago!

These political commissars will never give up their beliefs what ever it leads to. That we can see not least from the batik witches’ stubborn defence of their Afghan toy-boys. Not even when their “boys” rape the daughters and murder the political correct friends of these women.

What do we do about this insanity?