Political Correctness In Sweden

Politically correct Swedes seriously believe that those who do not share their views to one hundred percent have been indoctrinated and manipulated when in fact it is the politically correct ones who have fallen into that trap!

The decay of the education system with increasingly poor educators and teachers, through politicised syllabuses and prepared study material has made it very difficult for the students to get a true picture of Sweden and the Swedes of today and in the past unless the individual student is actively seeking fact-based information.

The politically correct have also got the strange idea that just because something has its origin outside Sweden we must not call it a Swedish tradition. And if a tradition is relatively new, there is no tradition at all!

They also defend the criminal acts of other cultures in the present (Muslim slavery activities, for example) with the fact that we in the Nordic countries did the same thing 2000 years ago!

These political commissars will never give up their beliefs whatever it leads to. That we can see not least from the batik witches’ stubborn defence of their Afghan toy-boys. Not even when their “boys” rape the daughters and murder the political correct friends of these women.

What do we do about this insanity?

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