The Multicultural Experiment in Sweden

45 years after the famous decision was made in the Swedish Parliament (1974) that Sweden would henceforth be a multicultural society without any requirement for assimilation of immigrants, it is easy to say that there are two cultures (religious groups) in the world that when they move to another cultural sphere requires special treatment and privileges that no other group would even think of demanding. Of course, I’m talking about Jews and Muslims.

Excerpt from the department of YLE (Finnish State Broadcasting Company) broadcasting in Swedish. The feature is titled “How Sweden became multicultural”:
“The father of Swedish multiculturalism, David Schwarz, found that assimilation was not possible for the Jews in Sweden. One could not let Hitler win, assimilation would be to give the Nazis victory posthumously,” says Wickström, who in his research has studied Schwarz’s thoughts and deeds.

The Swedish rabbi Dan Korn still seems to fully agree with Schwarz in 2019 despite the fact that the multicultural experiment must be considered to have derailed already in the eighties! Schwarz’s initiative and politicians’ vanity have instead created havoc in Swedish society. Dan Korn’s notion is strange not least considering that Schwartz later realised that he was grossly complicit in creating a terrible beast that would inevitably cause great difficulties for Sweden to survive as a welfare nation or even to avoid becoming a so-called “failed state” , where the government has completely lost control of the state of affairs. However, Mr Schwarz himself escaped the worst consequences. He died in 2008.

The multicultural experiment in Sweden is a brilliant example of what self-righteous politicians with grandiose self-image can bring to work without the slightest thought of the consequences. But it would never have gone this far unless their irresponsible ideas had been uncritically and fully backed up by an uneducated, history-less, group-thinking journalist mob who either lives on state press support or, as is the case with journalists employed by the three companies that constitute Swedish state broadcasting, are paid directly by the state .

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