Abolish Feminism!

I recently read an article in a Swedish blog critical of society that claimed that it was high time to repeal the law that says Sweden should be multicultural and put Swedish values first once again. In a comment I wrote that I thought it was a good idea but that the first thing to do was to abolish feminism as a state religion in Sweden. But unfortunately that is not enough, female voting rights, at least at younger ages, also has to go.

A couple of weeks before the Swedish parliamentary election 2018, party sympathies looked like this among women 18-29 years: Center Party: 18.3% Left Party: 17.8% Social Democrats: 15% Moderates: 14.6% Environmental Party: 13.4% Sweden Democrats: 6.8 % Liberals: 4.7% Christian Democrats: 4.5% Feministic Initiative: 3.6%.

72.8% of Swedish women 18-29 years stated then that they were going to vote in favour of the same political parties that had plunged Sweden into an uncontrollable, violent, lawless swamp because of the politicians’ totally insane passion for uncontrolled migration and the mantra “everyones’ equal value”(TM)

But if laws that targets the “climate threat” can be passed, so can laws against the significantly greater threat – feminism – an ideology that goes in contradiction to everything that evolution has encoded in our genes since the beginning of time. Nature has no overriding political motives. Only survival applies and for that reason mammals and almost all other creatures are divided into males and females that have qualities that complement each other and that make 1+1 add up to 3. But that is not good enough for feminists. They will not be satisfied until they have grown coc*s and all men have turned into mindless poofs.

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