Dead Aid, Or The White Man’s Debt To Africa

The type of aid that mainly the Western world has been practising in Africa since the 1950’s (aid that is based on the same model as the Marshall Plan) has strongly contributed to that many African countries, especially the sub-Saharan countries, have been stuck with poverty, corruption and stagnation, and have been forced to face an endless line of civil wars and countless omnipotent, insane, and greedy dictators.

The only “good” that this aid has brought about in Africa is that more people survive nowadays, but that’s only because of Western medicine and technology that the Africans have been given “free of charge” by the Europeans, but for which we ourselves (mostly white men) have spent countless hours and huge amounts of money and other resources for centuries developing, and for which we have been forced to make big sacrifices. We have overcome countless obstacles on the way and we have carried on even when our own lives were put at risk.

In addition, many Africans can now scrape together sufficient resources to leave their “shithole countries” for good, something that definitely does not benefit the Europeans. The Western world first pours unlimited amounts of destructive monetary aid into the states of Africa hoping that someday they eventually shall be able to take care of themselves, without demanding that the rest of the world pick up their bills. But instead, as a “thank-you for your kind help”, we now have to provide for them for life even in Europe and be forced to live with the adverse effects of their often islamic clan cultures with a high rate of violence, crime and unemployment. And as if that isn’t enough they also refuse, and are even encouraged to do so, to adjust to the ways of Western society.

Africa’s development compared to Asia’s is like the difference between night and day and an important part of the explanation for this big difference can be found in how foreign aid has been conducted by the rest of the world in Africa, but cultural and genetic explanations of course weigh even more heavily. Reading tip: “Dead Aid” by Dambisa Moyo.

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