The Truth Behind The Swedish Success Story

The Social Democrats ruled Sweden from 1932 to 1976, 1982-1991, 1994-2006 and are again in government since 2014. In several elections in the 20th century, the party received more than 50% of the vote and a number of votes below 30% has always been considered a disaster by party members. The Social Democrats claim that […]

The welfare industrial complex

One of the main obstacles to any real change in Swedish migration policy before it is finally, relentlessly, forced by the circumstances, is spelled “the welfare industrial complex”. Many Swedes and “new arrivals” have been made dependent on the taxpayer-funded welfare industrial complex for their livelihoods, either as nursing objects or as employees. Therefore, this […]

Regarding alleged obstacles to the expulsion of Islamists from Sweden

Recently, six radical imams were released after being detained on the Swedish Security Police’s order because they are considered a real and permanent threat to Sweden’s national security. The reason why they were released is stated to be that they cannot be deported to their home countries because they could be ill-treated there and that […]

Brave New Feminist World

Feminists (of both sexes) are unable to compete on equal terms with men in a variety of areas and therefore resort to dirty tricks to pull men down to their own level. But what feminists do not know (or don’t want to admit) is that men’s and women’s genetic coding differs a lot from each […]

Feminism – a threat to Western society

Early in the development of man children became a prerequisite for the tribe’s survival and had to be protected and trained throughout their long growing-up period in order to become useful resources for the common good. This upbringing task was quite demanding and forced a specialisation where the female’s physical and mental characteristics were adapted […]

Political Correctness In Sweden

Politically correct Swedes seriously believe that those who do not share their views to one hundred percent have been indoctrinated and manipulated when in fact it is the politically correct ones who have fallen into that trap! The decay of the education system with increasingly poor educators and teachers, through politicised syllabuses and prepared study […]

The Multicultural Experiment in Sweden

45 years after the famous decision was made in the Swedish Parliament (1974) that Sweden would henceforth be a multicultural society without any requirement for assimilation of immigrants, it is easy to say that there are two cultures (religious groups) in the world that when they move to another cultural sphere requires special treatment and […]