From Marxism to full-blown insanity

Marxism has, without exception, proved to be a pure paper product that simply does not work in practice. Desperate Marxists therefore took matters a step further and invented (inspired by large quantities of red wine, absinthe and hashish) postmodernism. Political correctness is the concrete expression of postmodernism. Postmodernism is thus the same dogmatic shit as Marxism, but taken a few steps further towards complete madness. The ideology is characterised by new catchy slogans, ultra-violence, total contempt for the views, life and limb of opponents, full-blown racism with new alleged groups of victims, who are not responsible for their own lives and who are not expected to achieve anything at all on their own and who must therefore be carried on the shoulders of the (white) productive part of the population, which in turn shall be forced into submission , made to crawl in the dust and urged to to abandon their privileged way of life. All of this motivated by an alleged original sin that no Jesus has yet erased on our behalf. The fact that this shit happens is solely due to the cowardice and opportunism of the media and the politicians.

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