The Truth Behind The Swedish Success Story

The Social Democrats ruled Sweden from 1932 to 1976, 1982-1991, 1994-2006 and are again in government since 2014. In several elections in the 20th century, the party received more than 50% of the vote and a number of votes below 30% has always been considered a disaster by party members.

The Social Democrats claim that it was they and their policies that enabled a poor peasant society, as Sweden was until the 20th century, to develop into a modern welfare state and a forerunner in less than a hundred years.

However, that’s not in accordance with the truth.

The turning point for the sparsely populated country in the north came with the free trade reforms introduced under the leadership of the liberal Finance Minister J.A. Gripenstedt in the latter part of the 19th century. Furthermore, 1.2 million Swedes emigrated to North America from 1846 to 1930. 200,000 of these later returned to the motherland after a shorter or longer period abroad, and some even made the journey across the Atlantic back and forth several times. An important part of Sweden’s success story is thus to be found in the frequent exchange of information that took place between the emigrants in America and their relatives and acquaintances back home in Sweden. Inventions, ideas and phenomena that arose in the large, dynamic country in the west came to public attention in Sweden quite quickly and led to new methods being introduced and new companies being started. Among those who returned to Sweden, some had had great success and brought with them venture capital, viable business ideas and know-how that they used to start new businesses. Among these were the founders of virtually all the large, multinational Swedish industrial companies that still exist today. Such as Ericsson, AGA, ASEA and CA Johansson, the latter with their measurement kits were basically the one that enabled Henry Ford and others to start mass-producing goods with completely interchangeable parts.

What you have read so far in this text happened long before the Social Democrats were given any power to talk about and are therefore not to their credit in any way.

Sweden was “neutral” during the two world wars, leaving the Swedish production systems completely intact, while the rest of Europe was shattered and after the end of the war they were in dire need of everything. Swedish industry was in high gear and had no problem selling everything they produced. You just couldn’t fail and the Social Democrats didn’t have to do anything at all.

After the end of the Second World War, the party began to devote itself more and more to improving the world, not least through the work of Gunnar and Alva Myrdal and the United Nations, and they were very proud that Sweden, through Dag Hammarskjöld, was able to fill the secretary-general post of the UN after Tryggve Lie.

In the 1960s, other nations had already caught up with Sweden, but instead of encouraging Swedish industry to prepare and adapt to the future, the Social Democrats were now increasingly involved in expanding the Swedish welfare systems in order to “take care of” the population from cradle to grave. This engulfed huge amounts and taxes were therefore quickly pushed up to very high levels. In addition, the public sector expanded enormously and bureaucracy swelled over all the banks.

Although (not because) the Social Democrats were in power all the time, it still went quite well until 1970, around the time when the first oil crisis struck. The total madness broke out in 1974 when the Riksdag adopted amendments to the Constitution which stated that people from all over the world in principle should have the unconditional right to enter and stay in Sweden. In the 2010s, another amendment was adopted by the Riksdag which states that it is racist and punishable by law to deny that multiculturalism is beneficial for any nation. This whole idea that multiculturalism is something good and desirable can be derived from the thoughts of Olof Palme and a certain David Schwarz who greatly influenced Palme to push through that Sweden should be a multicultural nation. Multi-ethnic wasn’t good enough for the jew Schwarz who much later realised that he had created a monster that doesn’t stand a chance anywhere in the world.

So far there are no signs that common sense is on its way back. Instead, it is now imposed on us that coloured people should have privileges over whites at all times because our white ancestors allegedly have committed grave atrocities against indigenous peoples all over the world since the dawn of time. No account is taken of the circumstances and perceptions that prevailed at the time of the alleged crimes, but everything is assessed by the current politically correct yardstick. It’s complete madness!

But our postmodern establishment seems to have missed an important point and that is that other people’s money doesn’t last forever. One day we are standing there in the rubble of what once, for a few decades in the 20th century, was perhaps the world’s best country to live in and wonder what happened. The answer is that it was socialism that happened: an authoritarian, opportunistic, cruel ideology completely unrooted in reality and without any decency whatsoever.

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