Climate threat – the battle for truth

Many adults interpret Greta Thunberg’s doomsday prophecies as indisputable facts from “science”. All I hear when she rages are factoids, lies, slogans, and mantras without any kind of relevance to actual science, delivered with ice cold, calculating shrewdness. Blind faith without a shred of common sense or will to take into account any different opinion whatsoever.

This will go completely out of hand if we do not shape up and move on to a mature discussion on what is true and what is not, what is likely to happen, and what we ought to (can) do in order to protect ourselves. Those who ruthlessly use the hysterically debauched youth cult as a tool to destroy the Western way of life will not step back voluntarily. The Marxists have been at this for a hundred years and they will continue until finally either we or them bites the dust.

Inform yourself broadly so that you can shape your own idea of how right or wrong the climate threat believers really are. The IPCC’s compilations are politicised pamphlets designed to influence the establishment so forget about that, and the alarmists “own” system media so you have to find other (“alternative”) sources as well in order to get a reasonably balanced and unbiased picture.

Use your search-engine wisely and you will find loads of well-founded information that totally contradicts the cocksureness of most climate-alarmist assertions.

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