Brave New Feminist World

Feminists (of both sexes) are unable to compete on equal terms with men in a variety of areas and therefore resort to dirty tricks to pull men down to their own level. But what feminists do not know (or don’t want to admit) is that men’s and women’s genetic coding differs a lot from each other. Women’s natural care and consideration are primarily aimed at her own children but also to other children and even alleged “children”, even if they grow a beard, have wrinkles, or have grey hair. The main object of empathy for men on the other hand is the group as a whole, but he still directs special attention to women, and in particular to his own woman.

Historically, men’s primary task has been to protect the group, to provide the group with food, and to lead the group to new hunting-grounds. All of these tasks require extensive planning, risk assessment and impact analysis. Women’s tasks are also important but they do not normally require any substantial analytical thinking or any far-sightedness to speak of. Therefore, it creates severe stress in many women when they force themselves to perform typically male jobs that require male thinking and acting.

Yesterday I met a lady cemetery worker who raked leaves at Pålsjö cemetery. By chance we came to discuss these differences in male and female traits when suddenly she said: “That might explain why so many career women end up here, in this serene environment, looking after the graveyard!” You can’t say that women lack the capacity for logical thinking after that statement, can you? 🙂

A large proportion of all women are normally gifted and the proportion with lower or higher intelligence is relatively small. A slightly smaller proportion (compared to women) of men are normally gifted, but a greater proportion (compared to women) of them are also either less or more talented. The “less” manifests itself in crime statistics and the “more” in the list of Nobel laureates over the years.

The feminist experiment that we have been subject to for decades can be compared to the Cultural Revolution in China in that known facts about man and society completely are disregarded or simply denied.

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