Scandinavian Airlines System Raises Ticket Prices “For The Climate”

The world’s biggest scam ever – the imminent climate threat! IPCC was formed with one objective, and one objective only, to burn into the brains of the western populations (primarily) that the CO2 that is released as an effect of human activity forms an imminent threat to life on earth although there isn’t any indisputable scientific evidence that supports that theory. But oddly enough, many people seem to believe in IPCC’s assertion anyway and the reason for that is probably because neither system media nor the Establishment allow any debate. “Science is settled” they say in order to refuse and avoid all forms of open and serious debate on climate change matters!
This “naivety” (read stupidity) among big groups of people gives businesses like Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) a golden opportunity to raise their prices “for the sake of the climate”. Other unscrupulous companies and organisations make loads of money by selling “environmental certifications” of products and processes, and the European politicians (in the European Parliament and in the national parliaments) have created costly, and totally unnecessary processes for “emissions trading” (sic!) in order to fleece end-consumers and taxpayers. Are we really that easy to fool or are we just plain cowards that dare not protest against this obvious and monumental folly?

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